About Us

SANDGAARD is a private owned company that was established in 2005 in Glyngøre – Denmark, under the name of GOZZIP® Today the name has changed to SANDGAARD.

Our company provide affordable fashion for women in plus sizes. We have 5 different brands which all are addressing ladies with sexy curves – small as plus size. This makes us the only multi brand company in Europe for plus sizes.

The 5 strong brands we run and develop, each under its own identity is:

We operate in around 12 countries around Europe, and globally via e-commerce. With around 25 dedicated sales people, we provide more than 1500 customers and 500 partners with our clothes in these countries.

SANDGAARD take pride in working with suppliers who are proud of their production, and who take responsibility when it comes to child labour, forbidden materials, dye stuff etc. Through our Code of Conduct, we ensure a stable force of suppliers, who we visit on a regular basis to make sure our demands are kept
SANDGAARD develop successful brands by combining business expertise, creativity and innovation.

In addition, the brands of our company is supported by central service functions that handle the activities that are not relevant to the brand identity and gives each brand significant cost and quality benefits.

Contact Us

Contact Us

We are happy to answer any questions you might have about our brands and if interested in becoming a partner in our retail shops or webshop, contact us and let´s have a talk.

What We Do

What We Do

Sandgaard is the only company in Europe with 5 brands, which are also available in plus sizes. Each brand has its own identity and style, that compliment eachother.

Who We Are

Who We Are

Sandgaard is a private owned company that was established in 2005 in Glyngøre – Denmark, under the name of GOZZIP® Today the name has changed to Sandgaard and we aspire to be the best makers of clothes in plus sizes.


Our vision is to be the best in fashion for plus sizes, as we have the expertise and know exactly where the clothes needs extra changes when going up in the sizes. It is not just to add a few cm. extra – but from a certain size – special needs must be taken into consideration – and here we are the best.

From design to production to warehouse or cleaning– each and every single thing that has to be done each day, we can only do so, by having well trained staff to handle the daily tasks. We Work with the term freedom with responsibility. We are one family, with one philosophy.

SANDGAARD is the only company in Europe, that can show 5 brands which all are available in plus sizes – each with its own identity


Each of our labels have a unique styling, and we constantly focus to distinguish each label with its own character.
For this reason, we keep each brand separately when it comes to design.
The designs is all from Hong Kong, India, New York, Paris, London and to a small little town called Ikast, where our company is situated.


2005 – GOZZIP A/S was established in Glyngøre, Denmark
– and the very first collections were sold – mainly in Scandinavia

2009 – The brand NAIS was established with 2 annually collections

2009 – GOZZIP A/S moved the location to IKAST, Denmark

2010 – The export business started to take action, and several hundred new customers joined us.

2011 – NAIS do now present 4 annually collections.

2012 – GOZZIP A/S took over the brand DELUCA

2013 – GOZZIP A/S took over the brands VETO and STUDIO

2013 – GOZZIP A/S double the number of staff.

2014 – The company changed name to SANDGAARD

2014 – SANDGAARD double their office and warehouse facilities